Rev. Marsha Harris, Our PASTOR


Pastor Marsha Harris comes to us with lots of ideas and energy. Her enthusiasm for worship, for neighbors, and for serving others infects those around her.  And God is using her lifetime of experiences to lead Central into a new day of partnership with the community and of helping others become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Marsha graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary, and before that she completed her Lutheran studies at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Before the academic work Pastor Marsha served nearly 30 years in lay ministry leadership in a variety of positions - children's, teen, adult and intergenerational ministries. She loves to garden, crochet, and hear people's stories. Pastor Marsha has three adult children with her husband Bob McDuff, all living in California, but none close by. OUR kids are her surrogates now!

Pastor Marsha has served in multi-cultural and cross-cultural settings, with African descent, Caribbean, Latino and Korean communities, as well as Euro-descent Lutherans. She also served with San Francisco Night Ministry in both chaplain work and assisting with worship. She brings this diversity of life experiences along with some wonderful styles of music and prayer from her life to flavor our worship and faith development. With God's Holy Spirit she invites us to connect with each of our neighbors as a child of God, brothers and sisters, co-heirs with Jesus Christ in God's kingdom. 

Healing prayer and transformation are key themes you will hear from Pastor Marsha. But so are God's Covenant with humanity, renewed in Jesus Christ and sealed in each of us at our baptism by God's Holy Spirit. It is her express desire that we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion at each Sunday worship. Healing extends to our care of the creation God has entrusted to us. Pastor Marsha serves with our Synod Green Faith Team bringing us new ideas and ways to make creation care happen right here.


Central Lutheran Church is a community that strives to be

*Living in God’s grace

* Following Jesus Christ

* Serving Others

What do you get when you mix Discipleship & Prayer, Revitalization, New Mission, Social Justice and Greater Community? Our Central Mission in Van Nuys, CA.

We are a community in transition, and God is leading us - sometimes boldly, sometimes with hesitation, but always leading us - into new ventures and new directions. We invite and welcome others - perhaps you - to help us hear God's voice and direction.


Those who come alongside of us as Mission Partners are asked to pray and to serve. However, there is a place here, too, for those who do not feel they can serve, because your offering of prayer is a sweet smelling incense for God. All people are welcome and more importantly INVITED. God's Grace and Love and the determination our folks to serve God's purpose in this place are our greatest assets.

Photo Credits to Denise J.W. Serette, Hans Gutknecht, & iPhone

And there's these great buildings that give a sense of place, this beautiful and bountiful community garden, we have our partnerships with Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, our English classes and other community partnerships, our children's faith formation programs, our adult bible study, our worships, the Alcoholics Anonymous groups that feel safe meeting here, and the work of our pentecostal sisters and brothers at Iglesia de Dios, who share our facility.

Those are just a few extra blessings in who we are...

We like our cake and community meals, too!

Iglesia Luterana CENTRAL Lutheran Church  -ELCA 

 6425 Tyrone Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401      

 (818) 785-5414