Our Vision: Central Lutheran Church is a community that strives to be: “Living in God’s grace*Following Jesus Christ*Serving Others*

Prayer and Pastoral Care:
We will develop disciples in all people. Central Lutheran Church provides prayer for and with others, and unites with the whole people of God in Christ Jesus to pray for the church, those in need, and all of God’s creation. We also pray for God’s ability to overcome fear and cooperate with one another, seeking to incorporate all others in our community as children of God, and co-heirs in God’s kingdom, as a place where the Holy Spirit can be honored according to our own distinctive testimony. 

We want an attractive, Holy Spirit-focused congregation that will create interest for folks to come and be part of a peaceful environment considering all the challenges, opportunities and outside pressures that congregants would have. We must encourage commitment from current congregational members who should lead by example in bringing new and productive people to our fellowship. 

New Mission:
To proactively reach out to the community, Alcoholics Anonymous and Hope of The Valley, as well as nearby elementary schools, to encourage all ages and all cultures to participate in our activities and programs, and attend worship services. 

Social Justice:
Foster and create a methodology to help the community as a form of worship and Christ living in us; Central Lutheran will provide an atmosphere of acceptance and programs of language, cultural, and economic differences, with activities to address poverty. To be a servant ministry providing welcome for the marginalized in society. 

Greater Community:
To bring all cultural and economic levels and community groups (schools, Neighborhood Councils, LAPD, etc.) to engage with the Central Lutheran community. To encourage businesses, governmental operations, Sons of Norway, and congregations and other religious entities (especially Lutheran and Episcopal) to help solve the issues and make connections that will help us to be more effective in ministry of Christ’s teachings.

Iglesia Luterana CENTRAL Lutheran Church  -ELCA 

 6425 Tyrone Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401      

 (818) 785-5414  

                                     email: pastor.centrallutheranvn@gmail.com